Monday, February 13, 2012

Elsie's First Thanksgiving(s)

Thanksgiving(s) 2011

Over the course of Thanksgiving week, Elsie was able to experience 3 Thanksgiving dinners.

The Curtis family does Thanksgiving the Sunday prior, which is wonderful! This year there were about 20 of us over there enjoying all the cooking Grandma Boo and Nono (Grandpa Curtis) slaved all day on. (No worries the turkey was on the bar-b-que as usual) As night is Elsie's least favorite time of day, she was definitely not too thrilled the entire time. Dinner
started at 5:30, she put on a smile for a few minutes and tried to be a trooper but really she just wanted her bed. I don't blame her.

Thanksgiving morning we drove down to Pima to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of Jeff's grandparents. We started with dinner with the Barney's at 2. Finished there around 4, took a quick break and finished off our festivities at the Bryce Thanksgiving. It was definitely a lot of food. Great company, but we were very exhausted! 3 Thanksgiving dinners in 4 days, but we loved every minute of it.
Our little Turkey!
Grandma Boo and mom helped to make this. It turned out way cuter than we had ever thought!

One eye fell off (oops!), but Elsie can still pull off the cutest outfit there!

Family photo

One of the few times Elsie would cuddle at this age. Can you tell she is ready to be done?

The moms and their babies.
Johnny and Katie, Elsie and me, Bethany and Bronwyn

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