Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Halloween

Knowing Elsie was only going to be 3 months, I had a hard time trying to decide if it was worth spending money on a costume. However, while discussing with a friend who lives far away I decided I probably should invest in a costume just for memories sake. While looking for a costume, I found this adorable photo and knew that is exactly what Elsie would be doing for her Halloween photo this year.

How cute is that? And Elsie is a total thumb sucker, she could so do this! I was ecstatic. I also knew that our annual pumpkin carve is at night, so I didn't want her to freeze. I bought a cute pumpkin onesie that I thought would just add to the whole feel of the photo. Look how cute she is in it. Just adorable. I made the flower on her head that I felt just added to the whole cuteness factor.
Cutest pumpkin ever!

Now all I had to do was get her in the pumpkin. Great hopes with great intentions. Sadly, they were a little high. This is the photo I got...

And this wasn't after sitting in the pumpkin for a while. It was instantaneous! She HATED the pumpkin. Oh my, apparently it can be quite traumatizing. We tried to take her out and try again... nope didn't work either. Once she was out of the pumpkin, life was ok. In the pumpkin, life is miserable! However, I don't really want to sit in a pumpkin either, so can you blame her? However she is still adorable and the cutest pumpkin ever.


  1. Now that is hilarious! I think you should keep this photo FOREVER! : ) It's such a classic parent moment. Kids have their own terms even before they can speak them. It cracks me up!

    It's a good thing you bought the pumpkin outfit--she seemed to like the new clothes, just not the stringy, cold fill in for a Bumbo. : )

  2. OH MY GOSH! I was SO anxious to hear about how this went, but I figured since I didn't get any pics you didn't do it. This is HYSTERICAL! I love it. She is the cutest pumpkin, but oh that picture of her IN the pumpkin is CLASSIC! She sure knows what she likes.
    I mean what did we expect? She hates a wet diaper, let alone a wet pumpkin. Justin and I are totally laughing! Poor sweet Elsie! Love it!!!!

  3. I was there, and this still cracks me up!