Monday, February 13, 2012

Pictures with Cousin Johnny

Elsie and Cousin Johnny are exactly 4 months apart, but you would never guess that based on the size. They both are on total opposite ends of the spectrum. Elsie is our little pipsqueak who lands somewhere between the 20th percentile in weight. Johnny is our huge little man who has always been in the 90th percentile. We wanted to get some picture of them together on Christmas. Elsie would have nothing to do with it, which made Johnny annoyed. These our are efforts.

Take #1: Grandma Boo and grandbabies...

Take #2 Grandma Boo: (Maybe if I put a finger in her mouth. she will be happy. Nope!)

Aunt Tracy's turn! A little more successful...
However, holding one 12 lb baby on one side, and one 25 lb baby on the other, makes for quite the workout and balancing act!

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