Monday, February 13, 2012

6 months old

So it's been 6 months (almost seven) of being a parent. Definitely way better than I could have ever imagined! Here are some stats of our 6 month old pipsqueak...

Height - 27 inches (50th percentile)
Weight - 15 lbs (20th percentile)

Elsie is very calm and shy. She definitely knows her home and likes things that she is used to.

Elsie loves to eat! She will down 4 oz of cereal in a sitting, 2 times a day! She loves it!

She loves to laugh, but will make you work for it. She doesn't give giggles out easily. Mom and Dad can catch them almost daily, but everyone else better be ready to put on a show.

Comments made about Elsie:

"That's not a scowl! It's a mean mug! I give mean mugs out daily, she needs to have a mean mug!" Aunt Tract in regards to Elsie not smiling at anyone but family.

"She always looks like she is deep in thought. I don't think Johnny has ever had a deep thought." Aunt Katie (Dad and mom call it her pensive look)

"Wow, she's gorgeous!" Anyone who sees Elsie for the first time

"Watch her just soak everything in. She watches everything!" Grandma Boo and Grandma Barney

"Where's her bow!?! No worries Elsie, I got your back" Aunt Tracy anytime Elsie doesn't have a bow on her head. Aunt Tracy has been deemed the bow Nazi. :)

My feet are my favorite toy! Lots of things will keep my attention as long as someone is by me. I definitely like company even if I do want to play by myself.

First time in a high chair in public! She loved it!

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