Monday, February 13, 2012

Fall Activities

The fall in Arizona is perfect for outside adventures. Not cold at all, just cooler than 110˚ which is beautiful to us! Elsie got to experience quite a few different outdoor events the end of October and November.

Balloon Festival
Aunt Katie and Johnny joined me and Elsie for an evening outside watching hot air balloons light up. It was very fun! Hopefully it will become a family tradition!

AZ State Fair

I have always loved the fair, only for 2 reasons - Indian Fry Bread (San Tan Fry Bread is the only place we get it, family favorite) and the exhibits. I love the cakes, my mom loves the quilts. The Curtis family all went and enjoyed a night together at the fair.
Check out the gorgeous blue eyes! Heartbreaker in the making!
Aunt Katie and Cousin Johnny
What a cute little face!
Hey, look at me!!

3 generations enjoying the fair! (How gorgeous is Grandma Boo!)

Oh do we love the quilts. Someday we will convince
Grandma Boo to submit one of her gorgeous creations!


  1. I love hot air balloons! How fun!

    There are some really cute pictures in here!

  2. Yep, your balloon photos are WAY better than mine!