Monday, June 3, 2013

Such a helper!

Elsie is at a really fun age where she is soaking in everything and wants to mimic anything we do. For example, when Jeff is doing P90X Elsie copies the different exercises in her own 2 year old way. Ballistic stretching is by far my favorite! She will swing her hands front to back and clap while she walks in a circle. We can now ask her "Do a ballistic stretch" and she will make that motion. Mind you, she only knows its a ballistic stretch because the video calls it that. Jeff doesn't say what he is doing.

Another mimic action she has found recently involves lotion. Every night I try and put lotion on Kenzie, who can resist a baby lotion smelling baby! Elsie has become quite the fan of the process. She will take some of the lotion and point to her foot. Once I nod my head she will rub it on the bottom of her feet. Just her feet. Not sure why she feels that her feet are the only thing that need lotion, but that's where she puts it.

When in the kitchen, Elsie likes to help stir and taste anything that may be in the bowl. I have learned that the best way to combat the tasting of food she shouldn't be taste testing is to give her 2 bowls, a spoon and ice. She will move the ice from one bowl to the next for hours. Or give her cupcake holders and a muffin tin and she will put the holders in the tin over and over again. However, when making cookies there is no stopping this bundle of joy. And who can blame her? I sure can't!

When doing laundry, Elsie loves to go through the clean clothes (not the dirty ones) and find a sock for Sparky. When Elsie first started to walk she always found a sock in the clean laundry to throw to the dog. I was never quite a fan of this, however it was very adorable.

Makeup is already one of Elsie's favorites. I am a little concerned about this as makeup is so not my forte. She will go through  my drawers and find the eyeshadow and a brush, then proceed to put it on her eyes. If you look closely at Kenzie's newborn photos it kind of looks like Elsie has a black eye. Nope, that is just purple eyeshadow mom couldn't get off in time for the photos. Mom of the year award right here.

I  love watching Elsie learn and grow. She is at such a fun age, and I look forward to watching her learn even more.

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