Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

As I reflect on the "father's" in my life, I realize how truly blessed I am! I don't know what I did to deserve these great examples, and I probably don't really deserve them, but I am so glad they are in my life.

Go Diamondbacks!
My own father raised me to be the woman I am today. He taught me how to love, how to serve, how to work hard, how to let things roll off my back, how to stay calm, how to laugh and most importantly how to truly live the gospel. He supports me in everything and knows just what to say to push me forward. He willingly drove me to Utah at the end of December to check out doctoral programs without hesitation. He is always just a phone call away willing to listen to any story at any point.  He taught me how to love America's favorite past time, baseball. He fulfilled one of my dream jobs by hooking me up with the scoreboard crew at Hohokam Stadium allowing me to be in control of the scoreboard for the Chicago Cubs for many games (even had a paid gig because of this!) He laughs with me, he cries with me.  He taught me how a woman should be treated by the way he treated and loved my mom. I am so glad my kids get to call him Nonno (italian for grandpa) and have a strong relationship with him. Elsie adores him and gets very excited when I mention his name. Utah, dream job

Even lets her control the remote
Elsie and Grandpa
My father in law who has accepted me as his own daughter without question. The man that taught his son how a father and husband should be. The man that loves our family unconditionally and would do anything for us. The man that never asks for anything in return but gives everything. The man that will work in 110˚ weather to finish a swingset so his granddaughter will have the chance to slide down it that day if she wants. The man that you never quite know what will pop out of his mouth, maybe a joke, a serious comment or something completely off the wall, but we are always ready to hear whatever it may be. The man that reminds us how often he loves our family and how proud he is of us. The man that lives the gospel to the fullest everyday, showing all what a testimony really looks like. The man my children get to call grandpa. How lucky they are. How grateful I am to have him part of my life.
Elsie loves playing the water!
Already playing the piano with dad

My husband whose calling in life is to be a father. He shows this on a daily basis. He loves being a father and everyone can tell. He's the dad that chases Elsie throughout the house. He's the dad that will walk four hours in our small house with a crying newborn so I can get some sleep (luckily Kenzie didn't need that kind of walking). He's the dad that takes Elsie to the park and plays with her on the equipment. He's the dad that wakes up in the middle of the night with a crying 2 year old and will cuddle with her in a toddler bed. (Yes my 6 foot husband squeezes onto a crib mattress with his daughter.) He's the dad that I've always wanted my children to have.
Jeff and Makenzie
I'm so glad I have all these men in my life and the lives of my two girls.

Happy Father's Day!

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