Monday, June 3, 2013

Not even 3 weeks...

Makenzie has been part of our family for not even 3 weeks and we love every minute! She is such an easy going baby and we are so glad she is ours forever! In just the three weeks we've seen her personality start to emerge. Here is who we welcomed into the family...

Not a cryer. Although her lungs work great when needed, she doesn't use them very often. She gives a warning moan (more like 4 or 5 moans) before she gets too mad. Mom can recognize this pretty quick and knows how to help her get what she needs. At night dad has yet to wake up as she is too quiet with her moans. Mom thinks she can probably sleep at least an hour longer each night but because her moans wake her up, she gets up and feeds her then. Easier than trying to sleep through the moans for the next hour. 

Observant. Makenzie loves awake time! Although she is only awake for a few hours a day at the current time, when she is awake she watches everything! She is wide eyed! When she starts to get tired she will fight as she doesn't want to miss anything. 

Happy. She came into this world smiling and has not stopped. There have been so many times where I look over and she has a peaceful happy feeling all around her. I love holding her and watching her facial expressions. She smiles constantly (even if they are currently gas smiles, I still love the smiles!)

I look forward to watching this bundle of joy grow into the young lady she will become!

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