Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Proud Momma!

Earlier this week, Elsie and I were finishing up dinner. Elsie ate some yummy yogurt and was on her second can (yes this girl can eat still!) and started waving. I quickly gave it a name and she did it again and again! We've worked on waving when at Grandma's and Nonno's, however she normally just looks at everyone like we've got something growing out our heads and looks for the door. Well, she's now mastered waving! But not just any wave, the "Princess Wave" Check it out...

How cute is she! I had to share! We tried to facetime everyone we know and finally Tracy called us back. Of course Elsie got camera shy, but she did eventually do it (after we hung up and had to call again). Thanks Aunt Tray! Now she will do it all the time. She loves showing off this new found skill.

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