Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The garden...Trial 1

Jeff and I decided we would try a garden out this year. We wanted to last year but by the time we got around to it we knew nothing would grow. So we were counting down the months till we could try our green thumbs out. When March hit we were ready to go. Jeff put in the soil, built a white picket fence around it (thank you sparky) and away we went in planting. We decided to do strawberries, carrots, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, chilis and cantalope. A complete myriad of food, but we knew this would be our learning year. No point in thinking we are masters at something neither of us had ever done.

This is the garden after about a week after the first planting. It's pretty large, about 12 feet by 16 feet. Way bigger than what I had in my mind, but this is what Jeff thought and since he was the mastermind, I was all for it!

About 6 weeks after our planting we started to pick the fruits of our labor! Zucchini and Squash are the most productive at the moment. The tomatoes are starting to bloom, but definitely not very quick. The cantalope is also blooming, but not anywhere near ready. 

Our first pickings! 7 zucchini and 4 yellow squash.

We've been picking zucchini and squash every week and have ended up with around 20 of each. For a family of three, that's a ton!! But we are loving having the fresh grown produce. I love baking and cooking with it knowing it came from our ward! This garden stuff is great!

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