Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parenting Lessons Learned

So know that we have six weeks under our belt, here are some crucial lessons we've learned from the boss (some easier than others...)

Elsie definitely is the boss around our house now.

1. Always remember the diaper bag, it will add 15 minutes to your trip if you forget it and have to return for it.
2. Pack change of clothes for mommy in diaper bag as well, sometimes babies use their mom as the diaper.
3. It is possible to survive on 4 hours of sleep. (Very surprising to me!)
4. Nothing can take the place of cuddle time with the little girl. I love it when she sleeps on me
5. Sometimes all you need is to hear mom and dad's voice to calm down.
6. Once that second yawn is released it is time to take a nap, don't wait for that 3rd yawn. No one sleeps then.
7. The bouncer is a lifesaver at all hours!
8. Never plan on getting anywhere on time. I always was late before, now I am REALLY late!
9. A smile can make everything better. No matter how hard the day or night was, one little smile from Elsie makes everything go away!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE 1 and 2! And 3 is surprising to me too since I've seen you both sleep and puke just about everywhere. :) Boy, do I love to tease you about that.