Friday, August 19, 2011

Hospital stay

We stayed in the hospital till Saturday afternoon. Luckily we had lots of visitors at the hospital to keep us company, and we loved every minute of it! (We didn't remember to take a picture of everyone who stopped by, so these are just a few)
Elsie catching some sun

He's one proud dad!

Mindy never smiles for cameras like this, she is so glad to be an aunt again!

Katie was our first visitor after Elsie was born, she stopped by on her way to work. Thanks Aunt Katie!

Aunt Tray bo came every day too, brought cupcakes and food for us. Elsie was grateful for Tray as she always made sure Elsie had a bow on her head.
Grandma and Grandpa Curtis came every day. We loved seeing both of them!
Grandma and Grandpa Barney came Thursday and Friday all the way from Pima! Uncle Brian and Aunt Jenny and cousin Gabe came from Flagstaff. Aunt Cami , Uncle Garrett and cousins also came Thursday all the way from Pima. Talk about making us feel loved!
Casie, Natalie and Justin came and saw us too. Natalie even brought Elsie her first birthday cupcake! It was the talk of the nurses the whole time we were there!
Grandma was there through the whole process. She also would come anytime we needed her. Grandparents are the best!

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