Friday, August 12, 2011

Our first year

I love being married to Jeff! I knew I always wanted to be married, but never knew I could love it as much as I do. Our first year has been nothing short of amazing. When looking back, we realized almost each month had a fun adventure we did together. We definitely love the newlywed life! Here is our year in review:

June 2010
On June 25, we were sealed for eternity to each other! Definitely the happiest day of our lives (up to that point). Here are some of our favorite photos:

I loved my pink shoes!

Before Jeff saw me for the first time. Talk about one exciting walk!

I love this man more every day! So glad I get to keep him for eternity!

July 2010
Our Alaskan honeymoon was definitely the highlight of this month. We definitely stuck out like a sore thumb compared to all the white-haired retirees, but it was wonderful! We were able to escape the heat and just enjoy each others company. We did the inside passage cruise, meaning we were on a smaller boat but could go through the narrow passages to get to Haines, Ketchikan and Juneau. From the train ride to the coast to the cruise itself to the plane ride through Ketchikan to the ride up the mountain in Juneau, it was seriously completely amazing the entire time!

Our Boat! Loved every minute of it, especially with the upgraded room (which included a full ocean view window!)
Us in Haines, AK. It rained and was freezing! Such a nice change from the AZ heat!
Formal night
The plane ride stopped in the middle of a lake and allowed us to get out and stand on the legs. The views were breathtaking!

August 2010

Both Jeff and I returned to work late July :( Reality had to hit sometime. Jeff worked in Safford 6 days than was home 8 days. I thought I was aware of how miserable it would be without a husband for a few days, I wasn't even close! Neither was Jeff. The first night back Jeff started job hunting, but in the nursing field that's not always an easy venture. Luckily I don't work weekends, so I would travel up on Friday night and drive home Sunday night. Definitely made the 6 days more bearable as we were only away from each other for 3 days. It was during these trips that I learned to love Pima. My mom always said I was a small town girl born in the city. I think she may be right. I love the feel, the attitude and closeness the small town brings.

September 2010

After only 3 weeks of searching, Jeff got a new job!! We found out mid August, and he started the first week in September. Not only was Jeff now working in town, but he was also starting in a day position! This was a huge blessing and answer to our prayers. He is now working on the Neuro-Surg floor at Banner Good Sam in downtown Phoenix! No more bi-monthly trips to Pima, even though we miss seeing his family as much as we used to, it is so much nicer having Jeff work here!

October 2010

A couple adventures happened this month. One Saturday morning, Jeff woke me up around 4 am, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. He turns the light on and says it's time to go, he has a surprise waiting and we need to get going. I had no idea what was going on, and after some serious coaxing I finally got out of bed (luckily he knew it would take me 30 minutes to get out of bed, and an additional 20 minutes to get ready) and we left. I still had no clue where we were headed. After about an hour drive, and following the van we were eventually going to get it, we made it to our destination. Jeff planned a sunrise hot air balloon ride! It was breathtaking! Following the ride, we had breakfast waiting for us. It was such an amazing morning, well worth the 4 am wake up call!

We also hit up Las Vegas this month. I had a week off from school, and with Jeff working 3 - 12 hour shifts, we decided to head up to Jeff's mission and explore for a few days. We walked around the strip, did some shopping, and really enjoyed each others company. We also did a quick day trip to LA for a funeral for my great grandpa. Luckily Jeff and I got to visit him in early September, and we knew this was coming. His claim to fame was being 3 days younger than the state of Arizona. He lived a long life (98 years old!). It was fun to see family, wish it was under different circumstances, but nice nonetheless.


We had our first family addition this month! For one of my birthday gifts, Jeff did some research and found a puppy for us! I came home from work one Friday afternoon with Jeff awaiting my arrival in the garage. I normally get greeted shortly after entering, but rarely in the garage. I knew something was up. He asked if I wanted one of my birthday gifts a couple weeks early, of course I said yes. He handed me a bag and inside was a little fur ball we have hence named "Sparky." Knowing him, the name fits perfect. He is definitely a bundle of energy, but we love him.

He loves to be in the car!
And this is why we have know put a lid on the trash can...
Who can resist this face? I sure can't and he knows it!

Our first holidays were this month! With both our birthdays at the end of the year, and us meeting at the very beginning of the year, we never spent any holidays together. Not only did we celebrate Jeff's birthday, but also Christmas with both families. I have spent 27 years, and was a little worried about leaving my family on Christmas day after our festivities. I even warned Jeff it could be a very long 2+ hour ride to Pima. However, I loved every minute of it. I did miss my family, definitely different to not be there the whole day. But I loved being with Jeff and seeing his family.

We took a trip to Disneyland with our closest friends this month. We loved every minute of it. Jeff and I met Casie, Justin and Natalie in Anaheim and we spent Saturday and Sunday in the park. It was fun to have time together as friends at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We even got Casie to ride California Screamin' (we won't mention it cost Jeff $10 I think, but totally worth every penny!)

Never knew there was a canoe ride, we really enjoyed it. Gotta love corny jokes!

We found out the most exciting news this month. I took a home pregnancy test mid January and found out I was pregnant. I took 2 tests, than made Jeff go buy another pack because I didn't believe it (typical Angie). We then took 2 more tests and I still had doubts. The OB wouldn't see us till beginning of February when we were farther along. At the appointment we found out we were already into the second trimester, not just the beginning of the first. Oops! (Probably shouldn't have gone to Disneyland) So instead of being 9 weeks along, we were already 15. Happy day! Luckily we only had to wait four more weeks to find out we were having a girl! Yay! Jeff predicted it was a girl at our first appointment, I also felt like we were having a girl, so when Dr. Beck said "It's a Girl!" we were quite ecstatic! Bring on the pink!

Knowing we were due to have a girl towards the end of July, we knew we would be limited in travel come summertime when I have off. We decided to use spring break as one of our final trips before the baby came. We drove up Highway One to San Francisco and spent a few days. It was a great trip! We did a session in the Oakland Temple, visited Alcatraz in the pouring rain (definitely helped to set the mood), ate lunch at Fenton's, and really just enjoyed each other's company. We were so efficient we were able to cut our trip short to be able to see Katie in the hospital before Johnny was born! Katie and Jason had their first, Johnathon Richard Dial, on the morning of the 20th. I was definitely grateful Katie went through it first, allowed me to get lots of tips and advice in pregnancy and being a mom!

We stopped at a strawberry stand on the way up. These strawberries were HUGE!
Alcatraz in the rain, freezing but totally added to the experience!
A Fenton's Black and Tan! Life does not get any better than this!
The Oakland Temple is now one of our favorites!

One proud Aunt!
(Underneath Johnny there's my five month baby bump!)
Johnathon Richard Dial - March 20, 2011


To teacher's April is the dreaded month. AIMS is here and we hope and pray our students do well. Stress level is definitely at its highest. To Jeff, it was nursery time. He was determined to get the nursery completed this month. To those that know Jeff, it is literally all or nothing. I either get his complete and total focus on a project, or none at all. Luckily I am pretty easy going and quite the procrastinator so it really works out well. To this day, I am still not sure why he choose April, 2 weeks before the AIMS test when my stress level is already at its peak, to focus hard on the nursery. We went through 2 weeks of looking for furniture, finding bedding, looking for decorations before Jeff finally felt he did enough. The nursery looks amazing thanks to him and was completed well in advance :)
(Sorry I don't have photos of the completed nursery, need to get on that)

Sparky was a helper...


Science Camp happened at the beginning of the month. With Jeff being a nurse, he was able to go with us and play nurse with the sixth graders. It was definitely an eye opener for him. From the frequent dehydration episodes that have never happened in years past, to the constant need for band aids, to the rush of medications needed it made for a busy day! I loved having Jeff there and hopefully he liked it as well.

This was also my last month in sixth grade. I have taught sixth grade in the same classroom since I graduated from ASU in 2006. It was bitter sweet to pack up my classroom knowing I wouldn't be back to it next year. A part time position opened up in fifth grade, allowing me to be home with the baby Monday and Tuesday and every other Wednesday. With Jeff's schedule he was able to work it so he could be home on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I was so grateful for this option as it allows me to stay at home with the baby and keep a foot in the door with teaching. Such a blessing!

We've know been married for a year! The year, as you can see, was full of excitement and fun around every corner. It was definitely the best year of my life. We had one more trip we went on this year. At 34 weeks pregnant, Jeff and I jumped in the car and made the 12 hour drive to Salt Lake City, UT. We wanted to do a session in the Salt Lake Temple before we had kids so we wouldn't have to worry about child care. We drove up and spent the evening with my cousins and then spent the next day at the temple. It was a great experience to be in the temple that has so much history. We loved every minute. We also went through Park City, found I don't do so hot with elevation changes and a baby inside. So we only stayed a few hours and quickly went back down to Provo to stay with my Aunt Nancy. The next day we drove back home. Definitely a quick trip, but so much fun!

So with one year under our belt, we are excited to start year 2! I never knew I could love someone as much as I love Jeff. Each day that love and appreciation grows more and more. I love being married to my best friend and look forward to all the new memories to come! With a new addition in the family there are sure to be lots more milestones and adventures lurking around every corner! We look forward to it all.

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