Saturday, July 27, 2013

Year of dates -date 1!

Jeff and I made a deal when we were first married that we would trade off planning our anniversary dates. We planned year one together, year two was him so this year it was all me. Having a newborn definitely limited the activities we could do. Kenzie was 6 weeks old at that point and we weren't comfortable leaving her quite yet. So my creative skills were put to the test! 

I decided to give Jeff a passport to travel with me each month to a new location. So each month will be focused on a new area. 

Our first date was Tempe, az since that was where our first night as a married couple was spent (my elementary school friend bought us a night at the buttes for our wedding gift! One of the best gifts!) We stayed home, and acted like our room was a hotel suite. We looked at wedding photos and reminisced of that day three years ago. Can't believe so much has changed in only 3 years! After our pictures we were going to cuddle and watch a movie, unfortunately Kenzie had other plans and had the worst night of her life and was up from 7pm to 2am and then only slept if I was bouncing her till 5. She finally fell asleep at 530 and slept till 730. 

Life of a parent right! Luckily we still celebrated the following weekend.